How this all started

John & Schoep

My crazy adventure starts here:

I am an expert on the viral nature of social media and being the center of attention online because of a crazy combination of life events.

It's honestly hard to believe what has happened over the past few years - and how all of it has come together. 

A wish to take photos of dogs for the rest of my life, followed by this photo above (called the most viral photo of all time in August of 2012 by the Huffington Post) then internet chaos and fame, then my husband passing unexpectedly in the midst of it, then grieving publicly and openly, and realizing virtual communities can truly make a difference. 

Because of these crazy events, I have made a business out of teaching people how to work with algorithms to reach the most people, working with virtual communities, and speaking about the power of social media. I love my life, and I love connecting with others online to talk about what happens when the internet takes hold of your story. Conversely, I love taking that knowledge and helping businesses and people harness that power of virtual communities.

On a personal note - I am an avid ice angler, runner, knitter, and coffee inhaler, and I love my dogs more than anything. During the winter I am part of Women on Ice, which encourages positive images of women outdoors. We were recently the subject of a short film you can see here. I hope you love it!

If you’d like to here the WHOLE crazy story - here it is courtesy of Michael Harrison of Talkers Radio: (and make sure to subscribe to his podcast - his guests range from John Gotti, Jr to Barbara Boxer)


Hudson, a one-time insurance agent-turned professional photographer, speaks from personal experience. She unexpectedly began her career as a highly sought-after digital era guru approximately five years ago when a photo she snapped of a man comforting his arthritic German Shepherd in the buoyant waters of Lake Superior went viral after being posted on Facebook. According to the Huffington Post, it became, at the time, the most viral internet photo in history and set off a remarkable chain of events that changed Hudson’s life forever. It is a compelling story of hope, love, and tragic loss followed by renewal, inspiration, and a whole lot of insight about modern-day communications. Hudson now conducts seminars and workshops around the country on how to beat Facebook’s algorithm, social media storytelling strategy, crisis communication planning, reputation management, dealing with grief, and managing conflict.


Please contact me here if you are interested in learning about how to work with algorithms to reach the most people, custom seminars, consulting, interviews - or just to chat! Social media can be overwhelming. I understand that more than most, and I am here to help.