Hi! I’m Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

I am a public speaker, certified trainer, writer, widow & outdoor enthusiast.

My in-depth knowledge of the handling of tragedy online and the viral nature of the internet comes from being thrust unwittingly into the spotlight when in the space of 4 months I had a photo go viral worldwide and then lost my husband to a tragic accident. In 2015 my TEDx Talk on Empathy and the Power of Virtual Communities had one goal: to empower people to face their fears and live their life fully when their world blows up. I now lead seminars on social media and grief, social media crisis communication, and how to move forward when tragedy strikes. I want to help you because I have been there myself, and I know how overwhelming all of it can be.

One of the nation’s emerging experts on managing and harnessing the viral nature of social media and the Internet
— Michael Harrison - Talkers Magazine

Schoep and John

How this all started with a favor to a friend - and a photo that went crazy