About once a month I get to go somewhere fun and take photos of families, pets, brides, grooms, etc, etc… At these shoots I always volunteer at a small rescue (or large rescue) to do what I do best, take photos of their animals having fun.

It’s at no cost to the shelter or rescue, I just do it because I love it.  No, it doesn’t pay the bills, but for me, it’s not about paying the bills with these kinds of shoots.  It’s about sharing joy with others.  Images are so powerful.  they can make or break your mood.  I do these photos because they are uplifting AND they showcase animals who need homes.  It’s a two-fer that I love, and I have a blast doing it…

The visits turn in to a problem when I am looking for somewhere to steal wireless and do actual have-to-make-money-so-I-can-pay-my-bills work.  I usually drive in circles looking for somewhere to work from.


I think WAY too hard about where I want to go, and I end up wasting my valuable work time by not making a decision.  I sit in my car (parked!  ahem…) and stare at Google maps trying to find the best spot, with the best reviews, on the best route to my next session. I could have just gotten some writing done if I would just make a decision and stop second guessing myself.

I find it is kind of an allegory for my life.  I sit and think WAY TOO HARD about where I am going, what I am doing, what I should be doing, and what the cost/benefits are.  I end up wasting valuable time obsessing, when I should just use my best information, and stop worrying about whether I am going to make a mistake!

Mistakes happen, and unless death and/or loss of an incredible amount of money is going to occur, sometimes it’s just best to make a decision and go with it.  If you need to adjust how you handle that decision along the way, that’s life… and if I have to go to a different coffee shop because the one I’ve chosen sucks, well that happens.  It’ll be fine. And I might find something unexpectedly beautiful along the way.

Do you obsess?  How do you avoid it?  Have you missed opportunities because of it?