What They're Saying:

One of the nation’s emerging experts on managing and harnessing the viral nature of social media and the Internet...
— Michael Harrison - Talkers Magazine
I recently had the opportunity to hear Hannah speak at a marketing conference I attended. I say “opportunity” because these types of seminars and workshops don’t come along every day!

Hannah’s real-life personal experiences and heartfelt emotion clearly make her a very credible source for teaching others how to handle social media in today’s world.

In a time when we, as business leaders, need to differentiate our products and services in a very competitive landscape, Hannah’s techniques will give us the tools we need to be authentic, compassionate, and responsive to our customers across many social media platforms and beyond! I highly recommend Hannah Stonehouse Hudson for your next social media event.
— Kaye VanderVorst | Marketing/Cellular Coordinator Valley Telecommunications
I attended Hannah Stonehouse Hudson’s seminar on Social Media Crisis Communication. As a radio broadcaster, we’d like to think we have the on-air portion of our work well thought out. But, social media is a moving target, and true expertise is hard to come by.

Hannah used real-life stories of triumph and tragedy to engage the audience, and to demonstrate how social media can be your friend one day, and tear you down the very next. Not having an agile, well developed plan can expose your company to situations that erode trust and cause a negative image with those you serve, whether they’ve known you or not.

Hannah’s stories drew me in to the reality and delicate nature of public perception via social media. She gave solid advice and proven tools to help us create our own custom-fit social media plan. Her communication style is warm, genuine, and professional. Hannah’s first-hand experience with the subject matter makes her the ideal candidate to give this thought-provoking message. Highly recommended.
Hannah’s experienced, soulful and practical voice is a welcome beacon guiding us through the chaotic media moment in which we find ourselves, She is articulating well how to stay grounded and effective in a rapidly shifting landscape. My social media students and I appreciate Hannah’s generous wisdom!
Hannah’s workshop was a great peek into the inner workings of social media and how we can be using it better. She shares a big picture view of how to reach a larger audience and a clear set of simple strategies and guidelines that anyone can implement to increase their own reach. Social media marketing can be a daunting task for small businesses, but Hannah’s light-hearted enthusiasm makes it feel not only approachable, but actually exciting.
— Director of Marketing - Bayfield Chamber and Visitor Bureau