Speaking & Seminars

As an experienced and certified trainer I can help your business or organization with a variety of social media and communication related topics. Online and in person seminars include social media reputation management (including dealing with bad reviews), grief and social media, social media strategy, working with social media algorithms, crisis communication, dealing with haters and trolls online, social media customer service, and moving forward from loss. Learn more here.

One on One social Media Coaching

I create a custom coaching plan for you to specifically to suit your needs.

My biggest passion is helping people navigate the ins and outs and constant changes of social media platforms. It’s overwhelming sometimes, and occasionally you need an objective 3rd party to help pave the way and make decisions on what direction to take.

If you need a social media communications strategy, help working with social media algorithms, need assistance because you’ve gone viral, and you don’t know what to do, need assistance interacting with the public on social media platforms, help planning social media content strategy, or managing online reputations during a social media crisis, I am here to help you reach the most people effectively and efficiently.

Please email me to set up a phone call to talk about how I can help you.