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I am available for seminars and Keynotes on the following topics - and I welcome requests for other topics:

Current Schedule:

September 11th - Beat the FB {Less than} 1% - Bismarck, ND

September 18th - Storytelling Strategy for Social Media Success - NY, NY

October 17th - Storytelling Strategy for Social Media Success - Milwaukee, WI

October 1st - November 2nd - Essential Etiquette for the Digital Workplace - UW Parkside: Online

November 1st - Conflict on Social Media: Dealing with Like Minds and Divergent Opinions - UW Parkside - Kenosha, WI. Free and open to the public. Register here.

November 13th - Beat the FB {Less than} 1% - Minneapolis, MN. Free and open to the public. Register here.

April 6th, 2019 - All Things Wellness - Crystal Lake, IL

Social Media Storytelling Strategy

Social Media Crisis Communication Planning

Social Media Reputation Management

Social Media and Grief

Moving Forward from Loss

Creating the Best from the Worst

Facebook Reach Strategy: Beating the Facebook {Less than} 1%

Creating engagement on Facebook can be overwhelming, and it can occasionally feel like you're throwing content up and hoping someone in your fan base will respond. Though it may feel like there are secret rules about who sees what, there are specific ways to increase organic reach and beat FB's algorithim. This seminar explores those techniques and gives actionable steps for anyone involved in social media strategy.

I will help businesses start creating a Facebook content strategy that helps them beat the Facebook reach algorithm for their pages, and I will also explore the technical items that can either increase or destroy organic reach.

Knowing the strategy of timing posts, words you should and should NOT use in posts, how to get people to interact on posts, and why hashtags and tagging pages can actually hurt organic reach, are areas that business owners and page admins don't always have time to learn. This seminar puts all of this in one place, and creates actionable steps that can be implemented immediately.

Conflict on social media - dealing with like minds and divergent opinions

The anonymity of social media can cause heated, off the cuff, and sometimes cruelly personal arguments, where, in person, a thoughtful and thought out discussion might occur. How do we deal with those virtual conversations in a productive way online, without hurt feelings or other, even worse consequences? One misworded Facebook post, tweet, or Instagram post, or a comment on any of those, can create a situation with long term real world consequences for those involved.

Combative online conversations can happen because we are surrounded online by those who agree with us. Our online community reflects our views. We then erroneously believe that the majority of the population must agree with us, because our view is constantly reinforced in the things we see online from our like minded virtual community. When we see a divergent opinion pop up (in a comment, in a post, or somewhere else online), we are shocked to see an opinion that does not match with ours. We act in a way that we would not if we were face to face with a person.

How do we avoid these combative situations, and how do we make sure we see opinions other than ones we agree with online? A mind exposed to differing opinions expands - both in the real world, and in the virtual world. Join us as we explore these topics and discover some tools to help navigate the social media world.


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