Every seminar I do comes from my experiences dealing with social media crises - from my viral photo that grew my business in amazing ways (but overwhelmed me in other ways) to my husband’s unexpected passing - which also went viral. Because of these events in my own life, I have spent the past 7 years studying how social media and virtual communities react to viral & tragic events. I am now using the things I have learned from both my own experiences and other online viral events to help other individuals and organizations deal with the internet when chaos ensues.

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  • Handling Tragedy & Conflict on Social Media (general audience OR business/organizational/law enforcement specific):

    The anonymity of social media can cause heated, off the cuff, and sometimes cruelly personal arguments, where, in person, a thoughtful and thought out discussion might occur. How do we deal with those virtual conversations in a productive way online, without hurt feelings or other, even worse consequences? One mis-worded Facebook post, tweet, or Instagram post, or a comment on any of those, can create a situation with long term real world consequences for those involved.

    *The corporate/organizational/law enforcement specific seminar addresses how employees can be online and social media advocates for their organization when a crisis or tragedy occurs. Employees or volunteers want to help when something tragic occurs, however, sometimes well-meaning online interactions can make things worse. Teaching individuals how to interact on social media when reputation is on the line is my specialty. These scenarios can be as simple as a bad review online, or they can be as complex as a death that occurs on the job.  This seminar can be delivered either as a training for marketing & PR professionals on how to teach individuals in their organization, OR as a seminar for non-marketing and non-PR individuals.

  • Moving Forward from Loss in the Age of Social Media:

    On social media, we are inundated every day with images and posts from years past. These include images of people close to us - and not so close - who have passed on.  In the age of social media, it sometimes seems as if no one really dies. They are there in front us - almost in real time. How do we stay connected on social media when bad things happen, while at the same time not getting stuck wishing things were back to an previous "normal". "

  • How to be an online advocate for yourself and others in the midst of chaos - handling grief, conflict, and tragedy online:

    We want to help when something tragic occurs, however, sometimes well-meaning online interactions can make things worse. Helping others handle their grief, as well as our own in the midst of chaos, is my specialty. I'll teach techniques for helping others move through a tragedy in an online world, as well as techniques for ourselves to use when and if we experience a loss or tragedy of our own.

  • How to Algorithm Proof Your Brand With the Power of Super Fans:

    How positive social media customer service experiences keep people coming back, no matter how much the algorithm changes. We will talk about various topics such as dealing with basic interactions on social media accounts and how to respond best to bad reviews.

  • Proactive Social Media Reputation Management with Content Strategy:

    How to create positive customer experiences with your content strategy. These customer service experiences aim to inspire and connect in an anonymous virtual world, while proactively protecting your online reputation at the same time.

  • Social Media Crisis Communication:

    Having a social media plan before a crisis happens is more important now than ever before.

    In the event of a crisis, how do you manage misinformation spread via social media, including dealing with groups, rumors, and other "noise" that can make the situation worse? How do you manage your social media reputation when you are the focus of internet scrutiny? How will you communicate with the press and the general public on social media if there is an emergency situation?  Who will be the point person for correct information and media inquiries? Various scenarios will be presented - and worksheets and templates will be provided for use to formulate your own unique plan.

  • Social Media Storytelling Strategy

    Creating your brand's compelling social media narrative can be overwhelming, but an overarching story is needed to increase social media engagement. Not only do your fans and potential customers want to know about you, your products, and your company's background, but social media platforms and their algorithms reward pages and accounts that create useful and engaging content that add value to online communities. 

    Where do you find the stories that surround this narrative, and what do you do with them once you have them? We'll discuss creating a storytelling strategy that helps you connect with your dream clients. No more obsessing over what to post day to day - after this seminar you'll have a flexible social media plan set up that takes that stress out of your life. 

    In addition to coming up with a plan for posting, we will also explore the technical items that can either increase or destroy organic reach. These technical items are specific to each platform, and can occasionally change without warning, so we'll show you how to keep up to date on the latest algorithm changes. Knowing the strategy of timing posts, words you should and should NOT use in posts, how to get people to interact on posts, and why hashtags and tagging pages can actually hurt organic reach on certain platforms, are areas that business owners and page admins don't always have time to learn. This seminar puts all of this in one place, and creates actionable steps that can be implemented immediately and over the long term.

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