Love, Loss, & Moving Forward

How I got here…

In the space of 4 months I had a photo go viral worldwide and then lost my husband to a tragic accident - and that, for lack of a better phrase, went viral as well.

Every seminar I now do comes from these experiences of grieving publicly. I have spent the past 7 years studying how social media and virtual communities react to viral & tragic events, and figuring out how I can help others heal in the midst of chaos. I am now using the things I have learned from both my own experiences and other online viral events to help other individuals and organizations deal with life and move forward when bad things happen.

I am available for motivational talks throughout the US and overseas, I look forward to speaking with you! Please either email me at or give me a call at 608 - 358 -7229.

Potential topics:

  • The lessons we learn:

    People come into our lives, and many leave too soon. How do we look back at the lessons they taught us, and move forward by teaching others what we learned from our departed loved ones? My late husband Jim was taught to ice fish by the grandfather who raised him, and Jim taught me how to ice fish. When he passed away from an ice fishing accident, I was able to move forward because of that ice fishing knowledge - and now I teach others about the joys of being outside in cold & beautiful weather. What are some things you have learned that you can pass to others?

  • Moving Forward from Loss in the Age of Social Media:

    On social media, we are inundated every day with images and posts from years past. These include images of people close to us - and not so close - who have passed on.  In the age of social media, it sometimes seems as if no one really dies. They are there in front us - almost in real time. How do we stay connected on social media when bad things happen, while at the same time not getting stuck wishing things were back to an previous "normal". "

  • Handling Tragedy & Conflict on Social Media (general audience OR business/organizational/law enforcement specific):

    The anonymity of social media can cause heated, off the cuff, and sometimes cruelly personal arguments, where, in person, a thoughtful and thought out discussion might occur. How do we deal with those virtual conversations in a productive way online, without hurt feelings or other, even worse consequences? One mis-worded Facebook post, tweet, or Instagram post, or a comment on any of those, can create a situation with long term real world consequences for those involved.

    *The corporate/organizational/law enforcement specific seminar addresses how employees can be online and social media advocates for their organization when a crisis or tragedy occurs. Employees or volunteers want to help when something tragic occurs, however, sometimes well-meaning online interactions can make things worse. Teaching individuals how to interact on social media when reputation is on the line is my specialty. These scenarios can be as simple as a bad review online, or they can be as complex as a death that occurs on the job.  This seminar can be delivered either as a training for marketing & PR professionals on how to teach individuals in their organization, OR as a seminar for non-marketing and non-PR individuals.

  • How to be an online advocate for yourself and others in the midst of chaos - handling grief, conflict, and tragedy online

    We want to help when something tragic occurs, however, sometimes well-meaning online interactions can make things worse. Helping others handle their grief, as well as our own in the midst of chaos, is my specialty. I'll teach techniques for helping others move through a tragedy in an online world, as well as techniques for ourselves to use when and if we experience a loss or tragedy of our own.