The #1 way you can help businesses (including your own) reach more people on Facebook

The #1 way you can help businesses and non profits reach more people on Facebook is by posting comments on their posts. Yes it sounds overly simple, BUT, Facebook now weighs comments, and tagging people in the comments, higher than anything when it's determining what pages and which of their posts should show up in peoples' newsfeeds right now, and in the future. Only "liking" a post does pretty much nothing to increase reach, as FB sees this as passively interacting. They want pages that have active communities with active conversations.

The more people comment and tag others in a business page's post, the more people will be reached in FUTURE Facebook posts by that same page. Facebook sees that those pages are adding to the community conversation, so they will feed them to more people in the future.

If you have a business page and want to reach more people, you can use this to your advantage by asking people engaging questions when you post, and asking your biggest fans directly to post a comment. Ask them via Messenger, via an email, or just give them a call. People who really do love your business will be happy to help (just ask nicely and not all the time ;) ). 

Here is a video I did for the non profit reach series on my Facebook page. Enjoy!

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