The BEST books for when life blows up in your face...

Reading a good book is good for the soul. When bad things happened in my life, they sometimes felt like the only way I could feel like I was doing something to improve or understand my situation. These are the books that got me through a whole lot of that $%#^ (and still do).  I go back and re-read them occasionally, and highly recommend picking one! If you can find an independent bookstore, that's the best way to purchase, but here are some Amazon links if you can't.

Have you read any of these? What do you think? Have other ones to add?

If can only choose one of these: Buy this one! It is applicable to any and all situations in life. ANYYYY. This book helped me realize that people where projecting their own reality on to me throughout the grieving process. If you feel like you are being judged while you grieve (or whenever) READ this. It is almost never about you - and all about what the other person's reality is being projected on to you.

This is a biggy. Read this. Seriously. Everyone's lives fall apart at some point.



Even in the worst of life, there are moments of grace. This book gave me hope.

Perfectionism is a bitch. This helped me realize that. I am better off being imperfect. We all are.

My absolute FAVORITE for people wanting to be productive, but getting in their own way.

This book on brain chemistry and supplements will change your life. Feeling constantly down, unable to focus and/or bounce back? You might (seriously) need some fish oil and vitamin B. Written by MD's, it is a scientific book on making you feel your best physically and mentally.

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