Facebook page management, oddly, is a lot like dating. 

What is attractive to one person is not to another. We all have our likes and dislikes. This is the same for Facebook fans who will create the most engagement for us. Facebook page fans will like one post type but not another, and will engage more with one type of content than another. This can apply to links, native photos, video, live video, text statuses, albums vs one photo posts. Fans will interact with some posts consistently, but ignore others that may work really well for other pages' engagement levels. 

Much like humans, there is no secret sauce or formula for every Facebook page. Every page is different in terms of what things make it interactive, and what items get zero attention. The key is to finding what does work for your page, what specific post types engage your audience, and going from there. It will take a lot of trial and error at the beginning, but once you find your mix of content and post types, you can build on that data to create a truly engaging page that has incredible organic reach levels.  

When you are trying to find that perfect match for the page, is very important that you have a clear picture of who you are looking for. You are not just looking for "vanity likes" or people who will like your page to increase fan numbers. This actually can hurt you in the long run. Your fans’ likes and interests must match the type of person you want your posts to appear to. Facebook’s algorithms determine where your posts show up based on the both the interests of your fan base as a whole. This is why it is very important to only ask people to “like” your page if they would be an actual potential client. Don’t ask your aunt to “like” your page just for numbers.

To find that ideal fan, take a moment (or longer than a moment) to brainstorm. Who are the people who will actually buy from you, act on content you share, and bring more fans to you? Resist the urge to be everything to everyone. Dial down the perfect person. Brainstorm their traits, find where they go currently on Facebook, create an avatar, and start speaking to that person in your posts.

Once you have your avatar and ideal fan, start experimenting with different post types, times, and topics related to your page. Ask lots of questions, create engagement in the posts themselves, and keep notes on what works best for your audience. 

Once you have figured out what works for your ideal fan, and you have created an engaged page that has good organic reach based on those specific types of posts and content, keep posting on a schedule. Increased engagement on a page leads to the Facebook algorithm to show your page to even more people, and your reach is increased exponentially. The increased reach is a snowball effect.

Now it’s time to do some research. Take a look in your Facebook insights what other pages your fans like, where they shop, their ages, and their other demographics. With this info do a few things:

  • Take a look at the content that works for the other pages that your fans like. What works for those pages organically, what falls flat?
  • Create audiences to target in your Facebook ads based on the demographics in your Facebook insights. 
  • Check out what kind of buying trends and incomes they have. What kinds of products or services could you offer them that you haven't thought of yet?
  • Look for the Facebook groups these people might be. Join these groups as yourself and engage with those people. See what they are looking for, what kinds of content they engage with, and work those things into your overall Facebook strategy.

Now that you have done the work of finding and engaging your ideal fan, learned their likes and dislikes, what gets them going, and what turns them away, you can build your fan numbers and engagement for much less than if you have to boost posts to reach anyone. Your page will have excellent initial organic reach numbers in a time when organic reach is trending towards zero.

Resist the urge to use Facebook as a billboard or just a selling tool. Instead give great content to your audience. Treat them well and with respect, rather than just as potential buyers. Giving your ideal fans the content they seek leads to increased organic reach because they will be ready to act on and engage with what you post. This leads to Facebook’s algorithm’s determining that your page is important to these fans and should show up higher and in more peoples’ newsfeeds. In turn, when you do have an offer, it will show up to more of your fans in their newsfeeds, and those fans will be actual potential buyers who will act on your offer because you have done the work to attract that specific person to your page.