You are you. Faults and all. Mistakes and all. Be you. Be proudly YOU.


Your scars.

Your triumphs.

Your tragedies.

Your ups.

Your downs.

They make up the DNA of your soul and your spirit.

Do not obsess over past mistakes. Dwelling in wanting to change those past moments prevents us from embracing and truly feeling our present reality.

Shame in those moments is a way of letting our fears take hold of us. We are the sum of ALL of our decisions. Good, bad, joyful or painful.

The DNA of our soul and spirit is the sum of all of our parts. The good, the bad, the ugly. Create your own DNA with humility, joy, and self acceptance. We are who we are. We are love, brilliance, and light, but most of all we are human. To be human is to be imperfect. Embrace that, and know that that very imperfection has created the ultimate you.