Loud noises used to make me cry. Not anymore. I was never afraid of ice – but I was afraid of fishing on my own.  Now I’m not.

I was terrified of showing my photography to the world because I had performance anxiety (I mean who wouldn’t after having a crazy successful photo and then feeling like everyone is comparing your photos to that one?) . It still scares me to show work – especially to clients- but I try to stop over thinking it.  I cannot please everyone. And the safer my choices are in terms of photography I show, the more my creative juices stagnate.  I am so much better off putting out the scary pieces.

And this is true in all aspects of my life.  The scarier it is, the more you improve and grow as you move forward.

I decided that to move forward and grow, I simply must do the things I cannot do. I’ve taken my fears and tried to turn them into strengths.

One of my biggest sources of income – and probably my favorite type of session – is bird dog photography.  This was not always the case, and if my 25 year old self knew this was in her future, she would start laughing hysterically.

The reason I actually started doing hunting sessions is because I am absolutely terrified of loud noises. When I have my camera I feel no fear, nor pain, so I decided to try doing photos during hunts to get over my fear.

What I discovered while doing these sessions is that game ear headphones actually help me hear the dogs before anyone else as they come towards us. I can anticipate where they will be for the perfect shot.
Trying to overcome my fear of loud noises turned into oddly positive business move.


My fear is not of ice. It never was. My fear was that I severely lacked confidence ice fishing without my late husband.  Once I went on my trip to Lake of the Woods this past January and discovered I actually know what I am doing, my confidence returned. It returned full force.

And I realized I really can do whatever I put my mind to ;).


What is the thing that you cannot do. What must you do? And what will you be able to take on when you feel the power that comes from tackling your fear?

Strength will appear that you never knew you had.